All you want to know about Her Solution pills and gel and how it can help enhance women's libido

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It is surprising to notice how most of the research and solutions available for sex-related issues, cater to the sexual needs of men. This fact becomes even more ironical when one looks at the statistics that confirm that there are significantly more women who suffer from sexual dysfunction as compared to men.

Men have always had it easier with access to natural sex enhancers, vitality boosters, sex supplements as well as drugs like Viagra that take care of their issues and help them out. At the same time, all these years’ women had to combat the issues like lack of sexual satisfaction, interest and arousal on their own.

However, the trend is changing and women of today have a few reliable options that can help in stimulating their libido. These include vaginal gels, exercises and more popularly female enhancement pills such as HerSolution pills.

HerSolution claims to reignite natural desire towards sex and restore the sexual drive in women. This review thoroughly examines the basis of these claims and verifies the facts.

Claims made by HerSolution pills

HerSolution is a prominent organization that specializes in the products of sexual enhancement like HerSolution pills and HerSolution gel. Their website claim that it will help women experience:

How does HerSolution pills work?

In order to understand how HerSolution pills work, we have to first know why women usually feel lack of sexual drive.

Firstly, a woman of today leads quite a stressful life with commitments toward work, house, kids and social life all demanding for attention. This tends to squeeze most of her energy and leaves very little space for sexual desire.

Then, there are other health issues related to fast paced lifestyle that lead to hormonal imbalances and health disorders that further diminishes the libido in women. All of this takes its toll on women and its common consequences are dry vagina, low interest in sex and weak orgasms.

HerSolution pills and its natural ingredients improve the circulation of blood in the genital area of female and naturally lubricate as well as stimulate the vagina. Its unique blend of female aphrodisiacs and herbal supplements further enhances the sex drive and help restore hormonal balance in the body.

Her solution will help in boosting your libido and will bring back the joy of having sex once again.

To maximize the results, the makers recommend using it with HerSolution gel that naturally lubricates the vaginal muscles and help you rediscover your erotic pleasures.

Main ingredients of HerSolution pills

HerSolution pills have been developed after several years of research by bio-pharmacologists who have carefully selected its natural ingredients that have proven efficacy:

Safety profile

HerSolution is 100% safe supplement that has been used by blending herbal supplements. It does not consist of any kind of artificial compounds that may have any adverse effects. It does not interfere with any kind of medicines including birth control.

There have been no reports of HerSolution side-effects during the clinical trials or by any of its thousands of users.

Recommended dosage

The recommended dosage for HerSolution pills is one pill a day.


There is no official timeline given by manufacturers of Her solution as its effect varies in different women. While some women experience immediate results, for others it may take a couple of weeks. It has been observed in surveys and studies that results improve with time and optimum results in enhancing women’s libido are noticed between four to six weeks.

The results were even better with group of women who used HerSolution gel along with the pills.

Customer satisfaction

HerSolution has created similar buzz among women, like Viagra did for men. It is no wonder that these pills are referred to as Female Viagra; only, this is even better as it is completely natural and devoid of any side-effects.

HerSolution pills have received a huge response from women all over the world and most of them have responded with positive feedback on what it did for them.

HerSolution guarantee and return Pplicy

HerSolution offers a money back guarantee for an enormous six months period with only one condition that you must have tried the product for 90 days. This is because of the reason that some women notice improvement later than others.

Cost and bonuses

1 box/month = $49.95
2 boxes/months = $84.95 (save $14.95)
3 boxes/months = $119.95 (save $29.9)
6 boxes/months = $224.95 (save $74.75)
12 boxes/months = $389.95 (save $209.45)




HerSolution is libido enhancement product for women, which is completely natural. It has proven results in enhancing sexual arousal, desire and stamina in thousands of women of different age group and country.

If this was not enough, then there is a 6 month guarantee in which any woman who is not satisfied with it can get a complete refund.

Savings tip

Even HerSolution recommends that you try the pill for three months before asking for a refund; therefore it is advisable to opt for a 3 month order and save $30 in the process. You can return empty bottles if not satisfied and get a refund.

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